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Ethics, A Guidebook for Insurance Professionals 18221 $12.50
What does Ethics mean?

The English word ethics comes from the ancient Greek words "ethos", which meant the part of a person's character that connected with universal truths. In the present day, The Oxford English Dictionary defines ethics as the "study concerned with the principles of human duty" and the "rules of conduct recognized in certain associations or departments of human life."

What does all of this mean to an ordinary person trying to succeed in business? It means that, to act ethically, a business person must have a sense of right and wrong and feel a duty to follow this sense. This course will consider the practical details of what acting ethically means to insurance agents, brokers and other professionals in the financial service fields.

Goals: With the knowledge gained from this course the financial representative will gain a greater understanding of how and why Ethics has come to be required course material throughout the country, congruent with societies' expectations. Complete with a background of Ethics and its role in our ever changing environment.

This course counts for five credits of Ethics.

Applies to: Life & Health - 5 credits, Property & Casualty - 5 credits, Adjusters - 5 credits, Ethics - 5 credits

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Financial Challenges/Changing Markets 6000048479 $15.00
This course explores a thorough examination of life insurance, disability income, retirement plans, and the needs related to these products. An overall discussion wit in-depth analysis of current topics.

Goals: With the information contained in this course the financial planning professional will nearly understand the value of proper financial planning as it relates to clients and their objectives.

12 Credit Hours

Applies to: Life & Health - 12 credits, Property & Casualty - 12 credits

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Medicare Fraud 6000048520 $14.00
In this course, we will describe the basic mechanics of Medicare, Medicare Supplemental Plans and other related coverages. And we will consider some of the most common Medicare-related frauds.

In addition, we will also provide answers for the most common questions you may encounter from your clients about these coverages and frauds.

You will read some interesting and important case studies to bring this topic to life. We detail the most recent issues that have come up in the real world of providing Medicare and Medicare-related products to consumers. And how to help them avoid Medicare frauds and scams.

11 Credit Hours

Applies to: Life & Health - 11 credits, Property & Casualty - 11 credits

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New Montana Legislative Updates 1 Hour 6000039350 $8.50
Every licensee must include a minimum of 1 approved credit hour of legislative changes in Montana insurance statutes and administrative rules as part of each biennial continuing education filing.
This course satisfies this requirement.

Applies to: Life & Health - 1 credits, Property & Casualty - 1 credits, Adjusters - 1 credits, Montana Law (1 Hour) - 1 credits

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